The power of 2%

Since the founding of the American College Fraternity movement in 1776, fraternities have grown to symbolize leadership, independence scholastic achievement and service to their various campuses and communities. Fraternity men represent a very small percentage, only
2% of the male population in the United States. However, that 2% is a very powerful group of individuals! Fraternity men have gone on to hold many of the top positions in our nation, from the business world to the political arena

  • Higher education studies have shown that men and women who join fraternities or sororities are:
    • more pleased with their college experience

    • attain higher grades while in college

    • graduate at higher levels than non-affiliated students

    • remain active and loyal after graduation

  • A recent study by the US Government shows that 71% of all members graduate from college while 50% of non-Greeks graduate from college
  • All but two US Presidents since 1825 have been fraternity men.
  • Seven out of ten people listed in Who’s Who in America are fraternity men.
  • Three-fourths of US Congress is affiliated
  • Forty-three of the nations fifty largest corporations are under the leadership of a sorority or fraternity member
  • Eighty-five percent of the Fortune 500 executives are members of fraternities or sororities
  • Since 1910, 85% of all Supreme Court justices have been members of a fraternity or sorority
  • More than seven million men and women in the US and Canada are affiliated

It is certainly no surprise that today’s college and university students express a keen interest in the Greek system. The opportunities are endless and the benefits speak for themselves. Each year thousands of young men enter the working world with the competitive advantage of fraternity experience and alumni contacts.