As college students, we stand on the precipice of great change, a concept that no person, group, or organization is exempt from.

Doubtless you have seen or heard of the issues that we face not only as a campus, but as a community and as a people. Crises of confidence in ourselves, our institutions, and our future abound with seemingly no leader or end in sight. This allows for a notion of bystander behavior or worse; hopelessness.

These notions are not only misguided, they are toxic. The power to build, to improve, and to empower ourselves and our world exists on this campus. 

It exists within all of us.

The Phi Kappa Tau fraternity is looking for leaders and people tired of the status quo. Those who long for change and will fight for others. Those who strive for self-improvement and those bursting with new ideas.

We are looking for you.


Andrew Danik, President of Phi Kappa Tau